I swear, moving sucks the life out of you! haha. My parents and sibs moved this weekend and you’d think it would have been really easy considering they only moved one street over, but noooooo. They were supposed to get the keys around 3 pm on Saturday (and be out of their house that night), but the people moving out of their new house weren’t done “cleaning” until after 7:30. I say “cleaning” with quotes because I’m not exactly sure what they cleaned. It was so dirty when we finally got in there. So for 4 hours, we sat around waiting and waiting and waiting to get access to the house. Full U-haul, full van, full car, full crew of dad’s friends, neighbors, and our family ready to go. The house is really cute; they gained a computer room, a second living room, and a game room. Mom is really frustrated with the kitchen, she lost a lot of cabinet and counter space so trying to fit her old kitchen’s worth of stuff isn’t going so well. The kids bedrooms are a little smaller, but 1/2 of the stuff they had in their rooms is going in the game room or computer room so really, they will basically just sleep in their rooms.

My sister is loving it, she lives catty-corner to her besties now. I made them a folder on a string yesterday so they can pass their secret messages over the fence without them blowing away. The girls came over and helped her unpack and arrange her furniture, which was a huge help for mom. It gave mom time to do other things, like wrestle with the kitchen haha. My brother took a little convincing that this was going to be cool. The first day he was pretty upset with how small his room was, understandably. He’s 16 and feels like he should be getting more freedom, not less space. But by the end of day 2 he was really liking the house and I had helped him unpack some of his stuff, so he was able to see his space. And he gets that the game room will probably be his hangout.

It was so cool to see the kids all playing video games together in the game room! My brother, sister and her 2 best friends all piled on our big denim couch battling it out. This is exactly what my mom and dad were hoping for. In the other house there was no space for computers, so everyone ended up putting their computer in their own room and the family was spread out all over the house. Now they have a computer room right off the living room and it has double doors so they can all be together AND on their computers.

My mom and brother and I were up so late the first night laughing and goofing around, it was so good to see my mom laugh. After last week, I wasn’t sure how long it would be before she was laughing again. I love their new house, I can’t wait to have a big family dinner over there! However, while I was at my family’s house, my house was getting soooo messy!!! Gotta go clean!


Feeling Musical

May 13, 2010

I want voice lessons in the worst way! I started singing when I was 4, and I’ve had choir classes, but I’ve never really taken a voice class. I’d love to be confident enough to get on a stage or sing at a coffeehouse or something again. I don’t know, I’ll probably be over it again tomorrow haha.

I was in such a funk yesterday! Nothing I did felt right, nothing I tried to wear would fit (uh yeah, that’s a fun way to start your day), and I just felt all around weird! So my mom gets me out of the house and we go for a drive to see some apartment complexes and stuff and I am still just not feeling right. We pick up the kids from school and go to the mall and I feel like a kindergarten teacher! I have on a lime green tank top and a short “prairie” style skirt (which does in fact blow sky high in the wind). I feel squatty and wide and I just can’t even stand myself. So, I’m in Hot Topic and I’m posting my cards on their bulletin boards and it hits me… “I want clothes and hair that say. ‘I work with bands’.” I’m 22 and I wanna feel like it!

BREAKING NEWS! My cousin just called to tell us she’s having a baby… BOY! We’ve been waiting for weeks to find out and I am so excited!

So, now I’m trying to figure out how to get sponsored for a fashion make-over. The hair and make-up I can do. But I am too broke to go on a shopping spree. Also! It’s time to lose weight. SERIOUSLY! I don’t want to feel like this all summer.

Well, that turned into nothing but drama! haha… I’ll try to keep my rants to a minimum… unless I get more feedback for being a grump. Then you’re all in for it! haha, just kidding 🙂