Sunday night we had our very first dinner party in our little condo. It was SUCH a blast! My long time, long lost friend Nicole came over with her boyfriend Jay and my 2 favorite blondies came (Kes and Kaitlin). I was worried that the 6 of us would be walking over each other in the tiny space, but it was perfect! Everyone had a place to sit on the couch when we were inside, and they all found a spot to sit on the patio. I made spaghetti, my Guy made garlic bread and the night was amazing. I haven’t seen Nicole in close to 15 years (wow, that makes me feel old every time I think about it) and we picked up like there was no time lost. She filled me in on what’s been going on in her life and I filled her in on mine, and not even halfway through the evening we were talking about our next get together.

I felt bad because I forgot to tell my blondies that Nicole and Jay were coming, and I forgot to tell Nicole and Jay that my blondies were coming… I was afraid it would be weird, and it wasn’t. Everyone got along great, we all laughed and told stories. These are the nights that I feel “grown up”. A night where I am the hostess and I try to make sure that everyone else is having a good time. From the feedback I’ve gotten in the last few days, I’d say it was a total success. 🙂 Us girls were out chit-chatting on the patio while the boys played guitar inside. “Top night!”

Can’t wait to have you all over again 🙂


Feeling Musical

May 13, 2010

I want voice lessons in the worst way! I started singing when I was 4, and I’ve had choir classes, but I’ve never really taken a voice class. I’d love to be confident enough to get on a stage or sing at a coffeehouse or something again. I don’t know, I’ll probably be over it again tomorrow haha.

I was in such a funk yesterday! Nothing I did felt right, nothing I tried to wear would fit (uh yeah, that’s a fun way to start your day), and I just felt all around weird! So my mom gets me out of the house and we go for a drive to see some apartment complexes and stuff and I am still just not feeling right. We pick up the kids from school and go to the mall and I feel like a kindergarten teacher! I have on a lime green tank top and a short “prairie” style skirt (which does in fact blow sky high in the wind). I feel squatty and wide and I just can’t even stand myself. So, I’m in Hot Topic and I’m posting my cards on their bulletin boards and it hits me… “I want clothes and hair that say. ‘I work with bands’.” I’m 22 and I wanna feel like it!

BREAKING NEWS! My cousin just called to tell us she’s having a baby… BOY! We’ve been waiting for weeks to find out and I am so excited!

So, now I’m trying to figure out how to get sponsored for a fashion make-over. The hair and make-up I can do. But I am too broke to go on a shopping spree. Also! It’s time to lose weight. SERIOUSLY! I don’t want to feel like this all summer.

Well, that turned into nothing but drama! haha… I’ll try to keep my rants to a minimum… unless I get more feedback for being a grump. Then you’re all in for it! haha, just kidding 🙂