LA County Fair

September 7, 2010

Yesterday my love and I decided to head over to the LA County Fair… opening weekend they have dollar admission, so it’s not too insane to go, even if they do charge a bazillion dollars for parking and sales tax on everything is 10%. Last year when we went, we ended up not eating anything the whole time. Not this year, this year we were prepared to be deep fried from the inside… we got there early and had a giant corn dog for breakfast; they said it was a foot long but I really think it was closer to 16 inches, the thing was just huge. Then we hit up the shopping buildings. It’s absolutely amazing how many vendors they have, and how many vendors have a booth in each building.
What was our favorite find? Well, there were 3 things… sheets (1600 thread count, 30 bucks, plus 2 extra pillow cases), this oil for my love’s snoring, and the most exciting thing for me… a screen PRINTER… if you’re unfamiliar with how screen printing is usually done, it’s not exactly printing. You have to make a separate screen for each color and then register them so they will line up and then squeegie the color ink through the screens… then you have to heat them up in between colors to set the ink. Well, this insane printer does all the colors at once, prints in 1 minute, has no screens (which means no cleanup) and can even do foil! The 3 best things about it are that there is no cleanup, it’s small, and it’s cheap!!! Ok… when I say cheap, I don’t mean everyone could own one for their personal use, but as a business purchase it’s CHEAP! And it would really drop the cost of production allowing me to drop my setup fees to the customer. I would love love love to have one.
Anyway… back to the fair… we also decided we needed something bbq’d since we were in the fair mode… we shared a big plate of brisket, beans, cole slaw, and a chopped pork sandwich. It was so good and smoky and yum! If you’d like to grab some, we got it at the BIG bbq place next to where they keep the animals. I can’t remember the name of it. So good though.
It was a nice way to end the weekend. 🙂 How is everyone else doing?


2 Responses to “LA County Fair”

  1. Tracy Leigh said

    Do you have the contact information for the vendor selling the sheets? I wanted to purchase some but did not want to cart them around all day. I left the fair without going back for them. Any info would be great…

    • 26promo said

      sadly, i don’t have any info. somebody told me you can google the vendor list for the fair and they should be listed. I absolutely love them and wish we had bought more than one set!

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