Why is losing a pet so hard…

July 29, 2010

Is it because no matter how bad your breath smells in the morning, they are right in your face licking you to wake you up? Or no matter how hard your day has been, you can always crack a smile when they brush against your leg or put their paw on your knee. Is it because they don’t judge you when your screw up, and don’t get mad when you’re a little late with dinner? It’s all of these reasons, and so many more… Your pets love you no matter what, and they are always ALWAYS happy to see you.

My brother’s dog passed away this morning (all of our dog). She was playing with my dad and he brought her in to get a treat and she fell over and didn’t get back up. A few minutes later she was gone. When my dad called me I could hardly breathe; I’ve taken a shower, gotten dressed, and still I have tears rolling down my face. Angel had these 2 little teeth on the bottom that weren’t in the right place and we always joked about her needing puppy braces. Every day at 4:00 she would start running around like a crazy cause she knew it was dinner time. She could tell the difference between the cheese drawer opening or the veggie drawer opening in the fridge. She knew the words 4 o’clock and her ears would stand on end any time we said it. She was such a smart dog and she was so pretty! She was a German Shepard mix, smaller and daintier than a German Shepard. She let my sister put tutus on her and she walked like a prize winning pony when she had them on. She loved a new bandanna for whatever holiday we were having. She smiled, and made us smile. I’m going to the house later today, but I know it won’t be the same. I won’t hear her collar when I walk up to the door, she won’t put her paw on my knee when I get to the couch, and at 4:00 there will be no Tasmanian Devil circles around the living room.

I didn’t ever expect to be this torn up about her passing away, I knew it would happen eventually but I figured she’d be older and my brother would be off to college somewhere.

Angel puppy, we love you very much. Rest in peace, now it’ll always be 4:00.


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