These are a few of my favorite things…

June 14, 2010

I’ve been thinking for the last 2 days about what I would write in response to being tagged in Chelsea’s blog featuring her first ever meme. There are so many little things that make me happy, it would be hard to completely narrow them down, so I guess some of my items will be listed as a group. I was also going to try to do a top ten countdown and I’m not sure that’s going to work out well for me either ha!
• The way my toes feel when I’m standing ankle deep in sand at the beach. The waves rolling over my feet and around my ankles feels like I could simply float away.
• While I’m at the beach mentally, I should add how much I love the way the sound of the waves can drown out my busy thoughts. Nothing can quiet my busy mind like the sound of the ocean. (I should really look into getting one of those alarm clocks that make ocean sounds, or maybe download something onto my ipod.)
• I love when my boyfriend and I are driving and he reaches over to hold my hand.
• The way a little kid smiles at you from across the grocery store aisle. They don’t know me, but if I smile at them, they’ll smile back… instinctively! When I took a child development class in high school we learned something about when a baby first meets you, they form an opinion of you in under 5 seconds. If you smile, they smile, if you frown, they frown. Amazing!
• I love all things shiny! Always have, always will. End of story.
• I’ve found a new love for frog figurines. As I mentioned in my last blog, my boyfriend and I have a little tradition when we go on trips, we always bring home a little frog. This started at the LA County Fair last year with 1 little frog that ‘croaks’ when you rub the stick across his back. The 2nd one was found in a gift shop at Balboa Park, and since then it’s been something we look for every time we go somewhere.
• Anything that makes me feel girly and feminine, which I think I’ve always liked but it means something different to me now. I think my idea of what being feminine and beautiful has changed.
• Music makes my world go ‘round. I have no idea what I would do without music in my heart. With that being said, anything played on an acoustic guitar can make me melt.
• I think the #1 thing that makes me happy is when my boyfriend kisses me on the forehead and says “mine”. It’s only 1 word but it means so very much to me.
• Spending time with my family makes me happy. The older I get the more I realize how important family really is. I may not make every function, but my family means more to me than anything. Not just my immediate family, but my extended family as well.
I wanna challenge you to tell me what your favorite things are. I’ve limited my list to 10, but feel free to add as many as you like. My personal blog goal for this month is to engage my readers and get you involved in expressing yourselves a little along the way. After all, I learn as much from you guys as I do from myself.


One Response to “These are a few of my favorite things…”

  1. Chelsea said

    Awwww…”The way a little kid smiles at you from across the grocery store aisle.” That IS precious. Occasionally I like to make weird faces at them to see their reaction =P

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