Strictly business…

May 27, 2010

Not much going on in my personal life except looking  for a new place, so today’s blog will be strictly business.

I guess I haven’t really explained what 26 Promo is all about… Our goal is to help you succeed with quality promotional products from A-Z (thus the 26… 26 letters in the alphabet…. I know the genius behind it is mind boggling). When my bf asked me what I wanted my logo to look like, I kinda laughed… I said ‘honey, you know me, it’s got to be all kinds of colory (which is DEFINITELY the technical term)’. So colors and circles are what I got. The other night at the #tweetup, we all tossed our business cards in the middle of the table and immediately the girls said Oh! I know who this one belongs to! This is exactly what I wanted! And I want to be able to help other people get that kind of recognition. My logo is everywhere; my business cards, my blog, my facebook page, my twitter background… And when people see it, they know it’s me.

I don’t know if you watch “Ace of Cakes” but I absolutely love it! In the intro, Duff says ” After pastry school, I decided to make cakes my way. So I set up shop and hired the most talented people I know… my friends”… when I think about how I want my company to be, that’s the mind-set I have. I want to work with everyone that the mainstream won’t! Give me your rock stars, your misfits, your tattoo artists. Not saying I don’t want to work with realtors and bankers either, I just don’t want to have anyone feeling excluded.

Honestly, if there is ANYTHING you want printed, I can do it!! If you don’t see it on my site, email me and I’ll find it.


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