And just like that, the weekend was over!

May 17, 2010

I simply cannot believe how fast the weekend went! I haven’t blogged since Thursday? Insanity! I felt really strange without blogging over the weekend especially since so many things happened… but I didn’t have time!!

Friday was my baby brother’s 16th birthday. We picked him up from school and took him to get his gf’s anniversary present at La Masters Jewelers in Temecula. I can’t believe I’ve never been in there before, they have some amazing things in there! I fell in love with this ring that has a raw uncut diamond in the center and has a ton of tiny cut diamond that criss-cross over the top of it. It would make such a unique engagement ring *hint-hint* lol.

We picked our apartment yesterday. I am so excited I can’t even stand it! It’s totally perfect for us, it even fits my love’s gigantic monster couch!! We got a 2 bed 2 bath for what we could have paid for a 1 bed. I think I even saw a studio for more. It’s great location, it’s literally 2-5 minutes from the freeway. Today we are turning in our apps, but we already put a hold on the apartment so it’s ours. July 1st is our move-in date! Such a huge relief knowing we have a place!!


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