Crisis Averted

May 12, 2010

So I get an email yesterday from a potential client who tells me that he’s been trying to get to my site and couldn’t. From 2 different computers! Being that I am pretty computer stupid I begin to have a panic attack because my boyfriend (who has been helping me with all the computer tweeks) doesn’t get off work for another 4 hours and has just told me he’s swamped. Then, like my knight in shining armor, he gets off work and solves the whole issues. Apparently the html was missing a something like this… “:> or something like that. Who knows!! I just was so excited that it was really that easy! Oh the things I wish I could do on my own! I’ll learn, but for now I’m frustrated and feel stranded a lot.

I’m not sure if it was last night or this morning, but I had a dream that I was in my new apartment/house/whatever and some girl was trying to come in and take over my kitchen! No clue who she was, I just know that when she was outside she was blonde and when she came in she had red hair. Which made her more threatening?!?! I don’t know, I’m losin’ it haha.

I’m having such a blast with all this social networking stuff. I may have even stirred up some business in the last 3 days! My advice? Don’t get frustrated if you’re a little lost or you’re having problems getting started. Google and twitter have been the 2 resources where I have been getting the most responses and answers. And no, people don’t think you are a burden for asking questions, that’s 1/2 of why you’re on a social site!

Be bold, be you!!

-Just Shay


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